Innovative Products Delivery

A Facility has been created by RuTAG IIT Delhi in collaboration with Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) at IIT Delhi to deliver the following field tested innovative products directly to the hands of the users on payment basis:    

  1. Animal Driven Prime Mover
  2. Tulsi Mala Making Device
  3. Treadle Pump
  4. Bullock Driven Tractor
  5. Marble Artefacts
  6. Ground Water Level Measuring Device
  7. Batasha making Process 
  8. Sheep Hair Shearing Machine
  9. Potters Kiln for Pottery Items, and
  10. Carpet Loom

We intend the users to make payment to FITT, IIT Delhi based on the fabrication cost and delivery charge quoted by the respective vendor of the above devices. The deposited fund will be utilized by RuTAG IIT Delhi to manufacture and deliver the products to the users. Contact Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta (Email:; Phone No.: 011-2659 1385) to get a quote and receive an invoice for payment.

Have a good time with RuTAG products!



Technologies Delivered Through FITT, IIT Delhi