RuTAG Conference (RTDD-2018)

Rural Technology Development and Delivery: RuTAG and its Synergy with other Initiatives
1st International Conference of Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG)
March 9-11, 2018
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India
This  conference  envisages  to  bring  the  RuTAG faculty  and  students  from  eight  RuTAG  centres together  to  discuss  their  achievements, difficulties,  challenges  and  the  way  forward  in next  10-15  years.  In  addition,  other  organizations working  in  the  similar  directions  are  also  invited to  submit  papers  and  participate  to  evolve  a sustainable synergy among ourself. 
Another  important  objective  of  the  conference  is  to demonstrate  how  the  rural  problems  can  be  treated as  research  challenges  so  that  the  main  stream researchers  take  interest  in  order  to  get  quality publications  (which  helps  in  the  documentation  and awareness  generation  throughout  the  World,  not  to mention  satisfying  the  criteria  for  the  career advancement)  while  solving  socially  relevant problems.  It  is  expected  that  such activities  among our  younger  generation  will  make  them  more conscious  about  the  grass  root  level  social  issues enabling  them  to  bring  new  technological  solutions in  the  form  of  appropriate  designs  or  entrepreurship models  for  the  benefit  of  the  rural  masses.   As  a result,  not  only  the  standard  of  living  of  the  majority of  the  rural  population  should  improve  but  also  their economies. The  other  issues  the  conference  will  focus on 'Dissemination',  and  'Scaling  of  Rural  Innovations', and  possibility  of  funding  through  other  Schemes  of the  Government  like  the  Department  of  North-East Region  (DoNER)  initiative,  and  the  National Backward  Class  Financial  Development Corporation (NBCFDC) programmes, etc.
Like  any  other  well-reputed  and  well-respected conferences  in  the  area  of  S&T,  all  submitted papers  in  this  conference  will  undergo  a peer-review  process. Accepted papers  will  be presented  and  published  in  the  form  of proceedings  which  will  be  the  testimony  to RuTAG and  similar  activities.  Springer has in-principle agreed to bring out the proceedings. Poster presentations will be  done  mainly  to  encourage students  to  submit  their  RuTAG  and  similar projects.  Exhibitions on 2-3 different technologies developed at each IIT will also be displayed.