RuTAG Club

About RuTAG Club
RuTAG club is an initiative by RuTAG IIT Delhi aimed at creating awareness about social problems among IIT Delhi students. Any student of IITD can join RuTAG club and contribute towards solving rural problems. Club members can select any of the existing RuTAG projects and work on it based on their area of interest. 
RuTAG Club Members
1. Mr. Srijan Prabhakar (President)
2. Mr. Suraj Bhat (Secretary)
3. Mr. Abhishesh Kumar 
4. Mr. Atul Saharan
5. Mr. Himanshu Rewar
6. Mr. Nitesh Meena
7. Mr. Rutwik Solanki
8. Mr. Shubham Mittal
9. Mr. Shubham Osari