Research Activities

At RuTAG IIT Delhi, we are keen to do active research by converting "rural problems into research topics", i.e., "researchizing rural problems," and "connecting engineering minds society." We have one Post-doctoral Fellow (PDF), and two project staff who are doing Ph.D on the topics of "Optimization of rural systems" and "System approach to the design of rural systems." There was an M. Tech project conducted on "Dynamic analysis of treadle pump." In order pursue this aspect strongly, we conduct monthly sessions which we call "We Learn through Discussion at RuTAG (WeLD-R)" in line with the WeLD started by Prof. S. K. Saha more than 5 years ago with his other reserch interests. In WeLD-R, every member presents his/her work or teaches us something for the benefit of others. Have a glance at our WeLD-R sessions Click here
If anyone is interested to take up any of the RuTAG problems as their academic projects (Ph.D, Master's, or Bachelor's final year project) or otherwise (summer project, survey on impact, etc.) please feel free to do so. Look at the relevant pages for the details. If you inform us, we will be happy to acknowledge you.
For any further clarification, please contact us at