Animal Driven Gear Box (ADGB) for Multiple Rural Applications

The use of animals for farming has been very ancient, however, the technologies for harnessing of animal energy has remained at a primitive level for a very long time. As a consequence, with the adventure of fossil fuels, the use of animals has greatly dwindled. Nevertheless, from all considerations, animals have proved to be a renewable, sustainable & holistic source of energy. Therefore RuTAG IIT Delhi took an initiative to standardize the Animal Driven Gear Box (ADGB) and power transmission system developed by M/S Panchal Pumps & Systems, Kanpur. Further, gear box was coupled with multiple applications such as Screw Pump, Chaff-Cutter, Atta-Chakki, and Paddy Thresher. The technology was very much appreciated by small farmers who use bullocks for farming.

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