Marble Artefacts

Rajasthan is widely known for its stone carving works. With the passage of time, this has taken shape of a huge market with local, national, and international demands. The stone sculpting works mostly have demands from

  • Religious temples and for idols.
  • Corporate Houses and Hotels for architecture works.
  • Art Showrooms/ Gift Shops for home decor items, dining plates, etc.

With the advent of modernization, mechanization, and globalization, the demand for marble works has increased tremendously. However, artisans are facing a bottleneck in developing new marble artefacts and stone carving design. It is usually based on hand-work solely. Support and expose of machines or new technologies still remain a challenge to the artisans. RuTAG IIT Delhi team visited the cluster to observe the problems faced by the artisan clusters near Bharatpur, RajasthanIt was observed that the artisans have brilliant skills of carving, chiseling, clay modelling, sculpting, nakkashi, etching, engraving, fretwork and painting which produce amazing models, as shown in fig. 1. However, art is losing its motivation mainly due to lack of innovation in designs which could cater to the changing trends in the market. 

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