Metallic Loom for Carpet Weaving

Carpet looms are used for weaving woollen and silk carpets. During weaving different operations are carried out, such as tensioning of warp, shading, knotting, cutting, and beating. For these operations, some arrangements should be provided. While designing the loom structure, its strength, ease of operation, high productivity, ergonomics and cost should be considered so that they add maximum value for money. Carpet weaving is the process of interlacement of warp and weft in a fabric according to the graphic design. Here, warp means longitudinal threads that run parallel to vertical channel whereas, and weft means transverse thread that run across the fabric (Fig. 1). IIT Delhi had developed metallic carpet loom (Fig. 1) for woollen and silk carpet users at several states of India. Field trials indicate that the designed metallic looms in which one person can easily give tension in about 8-10 min. are very much acceptable to the users. Moreover, beam bending is also very small, providing uniform tension that improves the quality of carpets.


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