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RTDD 2018 Proceedings 

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Book Chapter

  • Sinha, S.S. and Saha, S.K., 2019, Chapter-9, "Dynamic Modeling of a Sheep Hair Shearing Device Using RecurDyn and Its Verification," 2017 IUTAM Symposium on Intelligent Multibody Systems – Dynamics, Control, Simulation, IUTAM Book series (Springer) 33, Page (165-174), E. Zahariev, J. Cuadrado (eds.),


Conference and Journal

2019 (2)

2018 (1)
  • Tiwari, P.K., Singh, S.N., Saha, S.K., Singh D.P., "Treadle Pump Operation with Rotary Motion," Springer International Publishing AG 2018 P.M. Pawar et al. (eds.), Techno-Societal 2016, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-53556-2_10. [Full paper.pdf]
2015 (1)
  • Gupta, R., Sharma, M., Singh, D. P., Sutar, B., and Saha, S. K., "Women empowerment by technology supported manufacturing of beads from Holy Basil," Current Science Journal, V.109, No.9, Nov. [Full paper.pdf]

2014 (1)

  • Bhandari, A.S., Alura, V., Sahu, S., Saha, S. K., Gupta, R.K., "Design Evaluation of an Animal Deiven Prime Mover," Proc. of 11th Nat. Conf. on Industrial Problems on Machines and Mechanisms (IPRoMM-2014), Feb. 26-27, 2014 [Full paper.pdf]

2010 (1)

  • Gupta, R.K., Singh, S., Jain, A., Sharma, M., Saha, S.K., "Computer aided analysis of animal driven gear box," Proc. of 10th Nat. Conf. on Industrial Problems on Machines and Mechanisms (IPRoMM), MNIT, Jaipur, Dec. 17-18 2010, pp. 35-38. [Full paper.pdf]