RuTAG IIT Delhi Projects

RuTAG IIT Delhi Projects for RuTAG Club (2024) students

Project List:

  1. Tawa Making Process: This project involves developing a mechanism to make the earthen tawa to reduce the drudgery involved in making it by traditional methods.
  2. Bhilawa Decortication Process: This project involves developing a mechanism to decorticate the “Bhilawa” nut (which contains toxic oil in its shell) and methods to improve its drying process.
  3. Miniature Wool Carding Machine: This project focuses on development of a decentralized wool carding machine to make the wool sliber for production of yarn.
  4. Honey Crystallization: Honey, by its nature, crystallizes during the winter. This project involves developing techniques to prevent the crystallization of honey.
  5. Millet Biscuit: Current biscuit making machines make liquid dough and create biscuits out of them. For this they need a binding agent like gluten (e.g., wheat flour). If the millet biscuit dough is made like batter, after baking, the biscuit disintegrates. This project involves the activities to develop the suitable process/machine for making gluten-free biscuits.
  6. Jaggery Making Machine: This project involves the development of mechanism/process to make the jaggery cubes.
  7. Millet Dehusking: Currently the dehusking of the millets is done by manual pounding, which is laboursome. The available machines are of big size, industrial application, and costly. This project involves the development of suitable machine for dehusking.
  8. Gobar Paint standardization and testing: Currently there are small business setups to make paint out of cow-dung. Paint making is non-standardized process, as well as there are no methods to ensure the quality of the paint. This project includes developing the processes for testing and standardization.
  9. Pyrolysis of Bamboo: Bamboos could be used for extraction of vinegar, charcoal and biogas through pyrolysis. This project involves activities to develop the efficient techniques to collect the vinegar and to improve the quality of charcoal.
  10. Kiln Lucknow: This project involves activities for construction of a rat-trap structured pottery kiln to firing the earthenware.
  11. Jigger Jolly Machine: This process includes the development of a low cost and manual jigger jolly machine.
  12. Sheep Hair Shearing Device: This project involves the development and optimization of a mechanized device developed by IIT Delhi for the removal of woollen fleece from the sheep’s body.
  13. Pottery Kiln and Biomass Feeder: This project involves development of a biomass feeder and construction of a pottery kiln at Bhuj, Gujarat.
  14. Batasha Making Process: This project focusses on improving the traditional batasha making process by developing suitable mechanism/process.
  15. Coconut Tree Climber: This project involves developing a light-weight and low-cost coconut tree climber.
  16. Prevention of Stone dust: This project includes developing the techniques to prevent the stone dust inhalation for stone carvers.
  17. Tulsi Mala Bead Making Device: This project involves the development of a Tulsi bead making device.
  18. Bangle Making Furnace: This project involves developing an efficient seamless glass bangles making furnace.
  19. Vermicomposting Unit: This project involves developing a compact multilayer vertical vermicomposting unit.
  20. Street Sizing: This project involves developing a system/mechanism to apply the sizing coating on the long-stretched yarn.