RuTAG Summer Internship Projects 2022



Shortlisted Candidates for Summer Internship 2022

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Following RuTAG projects are available to be taken up by IITD students. Design Credits/NGUs/Honorarium may be provided on successful completion of the tasks. For more information/queries, write to

The RuTAG Summer Internship will start from June 01, 2022 and will be upto July 31, 2022. However, NCUI collaborated project duration may vary from 3 to 6 months (details below).

1. Improved Smart Vending Cart
Background: In several towns and cities in India, fresh fruits and vegetables are sold by local vendors using push carts. The fresh fruits and vegetables are procured locally and are sold to the residents of nearby colonies and local markets. However, since the produce is constantly exposed to sunlight, heat, and dust, it results in reduction in the shelf life. Naturally, the fruits and vegetables are perishable in nature, hence, to keep the freshness intact, the vendors sprinkle water on them. The sprinkled water and exposed heat lead to curling and rotting of leafy vegetables. In such cases, the vendor, either has to sell the produce at a lower price or discard them. Due to this reduction in shelf life, it causes great financial loss to the poor vendors. Hence, there is a need to develop a solution to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables which are being sold on the cart.
a) CAD Modelling (Detailed 3D modelling, 2D modelling, Bill of Materials)
b) Concept Design (Hardware, Software, Mechanical, Vision Systems, IoT)


2. Stone Dust Prevention
a. Solutions to prevent the stone dust inhalation


3. Tawa Making Process

a. Kiln structural and Thermal analysis
b. Material Testing
c. Tawa Forming Mechanism Design


4. Carding Machine
a. Scaled Model Analysis

b. Design Analysis


5. Bhilwa Decortication

a. Background, Literature Survey, and comparison of existing decortication techniques
b. Solution for the bhilwa decortication problem


6. Sheep Hair Shearing Device



a. Design analysis and modifications



7. In collaboration with NCUI (National Cooperative Union of India)

More information on NCUI: /rutag/sites/default/files/images/user37/NCUI%20Internship%20-%20IIT%2013%20June.pdf

The internship duration in collaboration with NCUI may vary from 3-6 months based on the requirements.



a. To understand the need of intervention for artisans/farmers

b. To find design solutions for artisans

c. To provide solutions in raw material selection and packaging

d. Food processing Technologies