Tulsi Mala Bead Making Device (AC Motor Powered)


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User's Manual 

This device is used to make beads of various shapes and sizes from wooden stem that are produced by turning operation. It has capacity to turn beads from size 5mm to 25mm diameter.

Device Features:

1. Simultaneous turning and drilling operation
2. Speed regulation with foot paddle
3. Adjustable tool post
4. Built in mechanism to align pin and stem holder shaft
5. Stem holder with hassle free stem holding mechanism
6. Integrated clamp for ease of pin replacement


1. Voltage: 220V
2. Current: 0.5A
3. Spindle Speed: 2000 rpm
4. Bead diameter range: 5 - 25 mm
5. Sliding range: 120 mm
6. Weight: 7kg
7. Volume: 450 x 190 x 150 mm


Cost of this device is ₹15000 (Including 18% GST). Freight charges are not included in this cost.