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Please click on the link to see related video:-

1. Tulsi Mala

      (a) Tulsi Mala Making Device - Video link

      (b) Tulsi Mala (Ammachi Lab.) - Video link

      (c) Tulsi Mala Making Device for Bigger Beads - Video link

2. Treadle Pump :- 

     a) Improved Treadle Pump with Plumbing Parts - Video link

     b) Improved Treadle Pump - Video link

3. Bullock Driven Tractor - Video link

4. Sheep Hair Shearing :-

     a) Palampur IITD Complete set - Video link

     b) Sheep hair shearing - Video link

     c) Field Testing of Indigenous Sheep Hair Shearing Device at Barot, H.P. - Video Link

     d) Video by Wool Board - Video link

5. Ground Water Level Measuring Device- Video Link

6. Animal Driven Prime Mover :-

     a) ADPM with Gear Box - Video link

     b) ADPM Water Pump - Video link

     c) Atta Chakki - Video link

     d) Chaff Cutter - Video link

     e) Peddy Thresher - Video link

     f) Sprinkler - Video link

     g) Vibration Testing- Video link

7. Fruwash Washing Unit - Video link

8. Hemoglobin meter Testing - Video link

9. Millet Processing Machine - Video link

10. Bangles making Furnace - Video link

11. Garlic Processing Machine :-

     a) Electric  Dryer - Video link

     b) Garlic Bulb Breaker- Video link

     c) Garlic Flaker - Video link

     d) Garlic Grader - Video link

12. Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Rural Communities using Psycho-educational Videos

13. Vertical Vermicomposting Unit Link
14. Improved Vending Cart Link